Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Of course...

... I cast back on immediately. Knitpicks' Mock Croc socks. (Sorry, blurry picture and bad lighting on the Sundara yarn.)

And then, nearly as immediately, ran into trouble.

O knitters, I need thy wisdom. When you're doing a yo right before a sl 1 (which is followed by k2tog-psso), do you bring the yarn forward after the yo, or keep it behind? If I keep it behind, it seems to want to hop over the sl 1, though that is of course irrelevant after the psso happens...

So, ya know. Help!!!!!

Meanwhile, I cast on for some little socklets to fit Carson NOW. They'll only count for 1/4 pair in the Summer of Socks, but darn if this yarn isn't cute for baby socks. I thought it was short-color, but in baby-sock size it's actually self-striping. Which is pretty likeable, even by me, in a baby sock.

1 comment:

jennifer. said...

I think you keep it where it'll leave a yo. If it jumps over the stitch, then just straighten them out when you go to psso. HTH!