Monday, July 17, 2006

I don't swatch in the round.

I know I should. But every time I've done so, and compared to straight knitting, it's identical -- or within 1/4 stitch over 4".

(not yet blocked, sorry — too eager to take pix!)
So when this sock started looking ginormous, I thought, okay, it's a judgement on me for not swatching properly. And I measured it in situ. To my surprise, my gauge was RIGHT ON. I checked a few different areas of the sock, too. All got gauge.

The sock fits, in fact... and I like the arrowhead lace with the variegated yarn. Gives it some interest.
The heel, however, is a bit on the large side.

No row gauge was specified. But honestly, I think different heels fit different people. I wanted to try this type of heel, which I hadn't yet tried ("Half Handkerchief"). And it was interesting to knit. However, I think my narrow heels are just too shrimpy for it. And that is okay.

The pattern was well written, and totally fun. Can't wait to start the second sock!

Don't I have a nice leg? er, I mean sock?

The sock is super-thick and destined for skiing or being a house sock. Mmmmm, so soft.


Ms. Pal said...

Ooo, pretty. The arrowhead lace does work really well with the variegation. And, man, that was nearly instant gratification.

Earin Marybird said...

I would not have combined the two but they look GREAT! And yes, nice sock AND leg! Good luck with the second one.