Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ms. Pal SP8 Rocks the Casbah!

I really am VERY fortunate in my Secret Pals.

Look at this amazing loot that came this week from Ms. Pal, who just got back from vacation and still had time to think of me...
There's a great card, a yummy-scented candle, a cool crochet pattern for mohair lace shawls, and some amazing yarn — first, Schaefer Anne hand-painted sock yarn in a gorgeous set of mossy greens, and next and most amazingly, some handspun Blue-Faced Leicester/merino that is just out of this world. Mind-blowingly great colors in this tweedy mix. My SP suggests socks, but I'm thinking this yarn is so stunning it needs to be shown off more than that. I'm thinking of finding something complementary and making a little shoulder throw with it. We'll see!

Here's a closeup on the Schaefer Anne. Anne is 60% superwashed merino, 25% mohair and 15% nylon. It has amazing sheen and it's SO soft. Apparently every skein is unique! And these colors are definitely up my alley. I think my Secret Pal has me down...

Let's get a few more glimpses of that amazing yarn:

Anyway — thank you, Ms. Pal!


Earin Marybird said...

Your secret pal or pals sure seems to send you a lot of yummy stuff. How do I go about getting a friend like that? What beautiful yarn!

My swift arrived today. The box is dented so I need to check and see if it's okay.

jae said...

WOW, I'd better look into this secret pal thing huh?