Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I took a break from knitting for about 40 hours or so, to let my hands unkink a bit. Last night I got back to the kimono and knit a few rows on it, then worked on some (slightly sloppy) i-cord I'd started a few days ago. The i-cord (for you new or non- knitters, this stands for "idiot cord"!) was a gift to my new friend, the Mini Kacha-Kacha from my Other Secret Pal.

Did I tell you how much I love the Kacha-Kacha?
Me love ze Kacha-Kacha. I think he looks very nice in his new tie. (And no, I care not that the colors match le Kacha Kacha not. It's Brooklyn Handspun Instant Gratification in Deep Elemental. How can you complain?)


Marisa said...

How cute!!

April said...

what an awesome idea! i've simply got a leather cord through the one you gave me. yer too smurt.

Cheryl said...

looks great!!! (I bought one for me too!!!)

trek said...

Yellow yarn + blue yarn = green kacha kacha

Works for me.