Wednesday, August 16, 2006

To answer some comments, all at once:

Ms. Pal — no, it's true, I can't argue that I NEED more presents from you. But I can argue that you have fabulous taste!!!

Sundara — the trick with Sock Wars is die fast! Then you get a free pair of socks; no harm no foul. Though I admit I'm going to attempt to stay in the game a while.

Jen — I think you should probably wish I die fast, despite my good intentions ... ;-)

April — You do have to buy more sock yarn. You know you do.

Ms. Pal (again) – It's true that I have a lot of sock yarn. But if I do well in Sock Wars, I'll have a excuse to buy MORE!

Marisa — Thank you!!

Gratuitous Carson pictures so this post isn't too boring through want of photographs:


April said...

pink overload!

that's one seriously cute baby. i wish i hadn't forgotten to have one of those myself.

Valerie said...

Oh, she's not really mine. She's my sister's. But I get to enjoy her. That's about where I like having things, too.

Jen said...

Well, then, here's to a swift and painless death! And then you can all the sooner get to knitting more things for that adorable baby, so she never needs to be photographed without handknits again! :)

Sundara said...

Interesting take on Sock Wars. I'll have to give it a bit of thought. I certainly will die fast, although I'm so competitive it will drive me bonkers to not give it my all.

(also, I know you've emailed about yarn, I'll email you in a bit about it)

Ms. Pal said...

Oh, fear not, the package is in the works, and it's POSSIBLE that it includes yet more sock yarn. Because you need more. Clearly.