Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Don't walk and knit.

Well, don't walk and knit when you're doing the gusset decreases on patterned socks.

I /so/ can't keep track of whether or not I'm on a decrease row at the same time as I keep track of what row of the 4-row (in Hedera's case) pattern I'm on. Hence, I remember the decrease on needle 1, get the pattern right on needle two, and forget the decrease on needle 3, and then don't realize what I've done for a row or two.

Tinkity tink tink tink, I'm back to where I was the other day. I'll redo it and hope to show you better tomorrow.


Ashley said...

uh oh... I found out I can't read and knit. I focus more on knitting and less than reading.


Liz said...

heehee, been there. :)