Friday, September 01, 2006

It's all about the thumb

So, like many people, I have arthritis in two joints in my right thumb. It doesn't act up all the time, but it was starting to twitch when I was racing to finish the Secret Yarnination. Of course I ignored it and knit my bu—, thumb off over the past few weeks. So now I have a bum thum for a little while.

So last night I thought I'd better take it easy. I figured it was time to figure out poor Hedera's booboo and that was mostly frogging and counting, right?


Frog. Reknit a row. Wait, that's not right. Something's off with the count. Frog back further. Reknit. No, not it yet. Hrmm. Frog yet further. Wait, now I'm just at the pick-up stitches point. That's too depressing. I need to knit some on it so I don't feel like I'm leaving it further back than before.

Heh. Taking a break, yah. But at least the booboos are gone!

But I was good after that — all I did to my darling Leaves was to insert a lifeline (all the progress is from Weds. night, honest).

My first lifeline! I'm so excited. (Edited to add a link to a good Web page on lifelines, VERY useful in lace.)


Ashley said...

How exactly do you insert a lifeline... I've never tried that.

Earin Marybird said...

I was just going to ask about the lifeline too! Hey, you showed me what a swift was. : - ) (And am I ever glad - it has made my winding so much easier.)

The leaves are so pretty! I've a pair of socks that are at the same spot as your poor Hedera. I am so tired of frogging yet I can't figure out what is going on.

Do take care of your thumb.

Package out the door on Monday!

April said...

Ooo, I'm really lovin' those Leaves. Why haven't I started mine yet? Oh right, I forgot I had the pattern.