Thursday, September 21, 2006

Well, color me blown away.

My friend April just got back from Canada, where her mother passed away and her brother caused her some serious headache. What did I do? I asked her to send me some maple candy. :-/

What did she do? Sent me this amazing package of goodies, which I found last night as I went grumpily home after failing to park at the LYS (which is, inconveniently, right next to the Hard Rock Cafe):

This is sock yarn (green!), some exceedingly cool postcards (look at that darling mouse, and there's a cool art card that has a touch of the Magritte about it), maple tea (which will be delicious with a splash of rice milk, I think, maple candy (MMMMMM) and Maple Cream Cookies (MMM!!!!!!!!!). Which I already ate a lot of.

April also sent this succinct and accurate pin, which should probably be tattooed on my forehead:

Sigh. Calorically bad, but extremely good for my mood. April is the Grrl.

Finally, I am really excited about this little gauge swatch. As you can see, it's obvious I need to use a larger needle with the multicolored part to make the gauge match. So why so excited?
Well, because look at the color match there. It's amazing. Remember how I was a little worried I didn't have quite enough Scheepjes to make Picovoli? Well, I do if I make the neckline, hemline and sleeves from the lovely multicolored yarn above — it's Crystal Palace Mikado that I got off deStash, a small rayon-cotton tape yarn. I had no idea what I was going to do with it. And I had no idea the Scheepjes matched. Yahoo!


Melissa said...

mmm, maple cream cookies - they are my favorite. i'll have to remember that the next time i have a friend going to canada!

trek said...

April is one cool knitter. Maple Cream Cookies! I must swap a sock bag with another Canadian knitter...

Melinda said...

Lucky you! Mmmm, cookies...And the yarns look very happy together. It's a good day all around.

Pearls Mother said...

What a fabulous assortment of goodies.
April is a fabulous and generous friend.

Jill said...

Hi Valerie - I love the colours here! You really can't go wrong with purple. Thanks for the birthday wishes!