Monday, September 18, 2006

A walky weekend

Our friend Roz, a close friend of Rob's who went to grad school with him in Australia, was visiting for a couple of days so we went to the Wild Animal Park. It's usually darned hot out there, but it was just nicely warm, breezy, azure-skied and gorgeous on Saturday.

Saturday night the Santa Ana moved in. We went for a little hike on Sunday morning with a few friends, one of whom was Christy, who has just moved to San Diego from northern Virginia.

When she got to our house, Rob let her in; when I came downstairs I saw she was sniffling. "Ah, I see the allergies have got you," I said. "It's this thing called a Santa Ana wind. It comes in off the desert and brings all the desert bloom pollen with it, plus it's really dry, and everyone who has a tendency for allergies gets terribly congested."

Christy listened politely. "Yeah, I thought I had a cold," she said. "Rob just told me all about the Santa Anas..." I laughed, and we went for our walk.

We met my brother Aaron and our friend Greg for the walk, who welcomed Christy to San Diego and then said, "There's this thing going on right now called a Santa Ana..." "I'm getting that idea," Christy said.

After our hike, Greg's wife Pat came in and said, "Hi Christy! You got here just in time for the Santa Ana."

Heh. We have such subtle weather changes in San Diego that I guess we have to talk about it all the time!


Jen said...

That photograph is gorgeous! I could hang that on the wall and just stare at that beautiful blue sky all day!

April said...

Is that a wool bearing animal? It would be cool if it was because then you could use his antlers as a swift.

Has anyone seen my medication?

FFC said...

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