Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Melinda's handspun finds a haven.

So I figured I'd do a little swatching as a break from frogging the Leaves, endlessly stockinetting the Mariner, and gussetizing (it's a word now) the Hedera.

I swatched the Scheepjes Delfi I got in Vandouver, because it looked like it might, just maybe, be okay for Grumperina's Picovoli. I still have to wash and measure, but if it blooms slightly like I think it will, I should be right on gauge and have just enough yarn. That's always a little dicey, but I might just try. Not that I ever wear sleeveless tops. But. It would be a fun knit. Alternatively, I could knit it a little smaller for someone else. We'll see.

While swatching I was just idly surfing blogs, and it hit me sideways that Wendy's new Fir Cone wrap pattern just might work for Melinda's gorgeous handspun.

I swatched and it seemed good, but a little on the heavy side. I also noted I have 7/8 of the quantity that Fir Cone calls for. So I figured I'd cut the pattern down very slightly; I took out two of the ten-stitch repeats from each row, made the edge 5 garter stitches instead of 8, started it with 12 rows of garter instead of 18. Minor problem: it's still coming out at 18" wide, which is supposed to be the unblocked measurement of the original pattern. So it may end up a repeat or five shorter than I really want, but I'm sure I'll find a way to use it anyway. And man. It's beautiful. Melinda rocks. Click it for a closer view.


Elaine said...

OH that is pretty! I may have to pick up that pattern. Thanks for the tip.

Melinda said...

I'm so glad you found something you I love the fir cone stitch pattern.

I'm currently drinking a cup of pamplemousse bleu. :)

April said...

let me know if you need more delphi and i'll zoom zoom over the bridge and get you some.