Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yeaaarch! Avast, ye mateys! It's crochet.

(Sorry. It's Talk Like a Pirate day, so I have no choice. Check out Stephanie's post on knitting like a pirate.)

I haven't picked up the hook except to fix knit stitches in ages, but my mother wanted me to finish her head covering for the synagogue. I made her a new one last year and got half-way through a lace edging, and decided it wasn't going to look good if I finished it, so I left it half done, with little picots all around. She said the picots were flipping up and annoying her, and asked me to finish it.

I couldn't even remember what hook size I'd used, so that took some fiddling, but eventually I found one that worked. I tried finishing the edging pattern I'd started, but this one had 4 picots for every pre-existing one, and it was even worse. So I tried a few things at random (most of the cap was just made up as I went along anyway) and finally settled on an edge that pulled in just a bit, in order to keep a more rounded shape that would sit nicely on her head.

There's no way to photograph this on a flat surface, and I was late, so I didn't futz with my camera for long, but you can get the basic idea.

EDITED TO ADD: this is done in cotton w/metallic bits crochet thread on a size 1.90 crochet hook.

(This post was written hours ago but it's taken dozens of retries, over hours, for me to get the photos to load. Blogger. sigh.)


April said...

now i know who i can send all my crowshit hooks to.

Earin Marybird said...

I've had good luck with blogger with loading all of my photos first. Then I write my text. Once the text is started blogger refuses to let me load. Well, it's free,right?

I like crochet. It was my first real skill and I've enjoyed making many things over the years but knitting....now knitting is just so much finer. I like the hat and I'm sure your mother will be pleased.

Speaking of pleased your package arrived today and I'm already thinking of yarns to buy for the fingerless mitts. Thank you!

trek said...

Happy New Year!

Kelly said...

Lately I've been interested in crochet, particularly the crochet that uses many colors (I think that's the only time that crochet looks beautiful). Do you know of any books I could consult if I eventually want to learn how to do granny squares and multiple colors of yarn?

Ketutar said...

Yeah, Blogger. Sigh.
But the cap is really beautiful!