Sunday, September 03, 2006

Is this an olive? and Saturday sky, late

Dorky gardening question for y'all: Is this an olive?

I hope it is, because if it is... I've got curing to do! It's growing in our canyon like a weed, and this year it had fruit all over it. Sure LOOKS like an olive to me. If it's not olive, I'm curious what it is.

I was able to do a little gardening today — repotted the brugmansia, did a little watering.

Went to one party and now I'm off to another one. W00t!

And this...

This was Saturday's sky.

I know, it's Sunday. I'm slow.

I wish I had actually caught the full sunset — it underlit the clouds with a startling red — but this bit was still pretty darned good.

Ahhhhh, yeah. I knew I liked living here.
Uhhh. Knitting content. I have a long pitiful story to tell you (enh, tomorrow) but for now, here's a picture of the ongoing work on Mariner. The thing is, it's awfully hard to see progress here. So I am doing what I can to make the picture entertaining.


trek said...

How come you didn't knit your "leg warmer" in the round? ;o)

Ashley said...

Such a pretty sky.

I'm afraid I can't help you with the mystery plant... I've never seen anything like it (which seems to be pretty common lately).

Earin Marybird said...

Beautiful skies. Thank you. I do love a good sunset.

Nope, not olives. Don't know what though but I know it's not an olive tree. Pick some and take it to your local nursery. They might know, then again... Oh, use gloves, just in case. Sometimes sap etc. can be an irritant.

Nice nail polish! : - )

April said...

Don't olives grow on trees? I dunno.

Nice legs, baby.