Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lifelines and life lessons...

My recent post about the lifeline drew a lot of questions. What is it? Why do you need one? And isn't it a darn nuisance?

To the last: yes. So I figured I'd only put a lifeline in after each pattern repeat. Each 54-row pattern repeat.

Not so swift.

This is me, having realized that I had a multi-stitch error 11 rows back, bravely attempting to fix it by dropping stitches and reknitting them. This is #$*(#$*#( hard to do in lace, and given that this is my first non-sock lace pattern, I failed. I tried for about 30 minutes first, though.

I think you should respect me for trying.

This is me frogging back ALL the 31 rows to the lifeline.

I did realize I should put in a lifeline more frequently. Like every 20-30 rows at least. So that's fine, except you do need to check that you're doing things correctly as you go along. Before you put in the lifeline. Otherwise you end up in this position,

where you're humming along and realize abruptly that you have an error a row or two before the lifeline row.

I'll be frogging, then tinking. Later. I needed a rest. More about that in an upcoming post.


trek said...

Eek! Terribly sorry about your trials there. Did I ever tell you about the five rounds of an almost completed poncho that I had to tink back? Only about 1500 stitches.

Earin Marybird said...

How annoying! I hate to frog. I've read about people who frog whole garments, wash the yarn and use it over again. I just can't see it.

I am always so impressed with the yarn and the colors you choose. I love them!