Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Of course, I cast on again...

You knew I couldn't resist casting on for Picovoli, after that fab swatch last week. And I did. Since my gauge on the Scheepjes is a little off, I cast on for size 40, which should come out around 43-44". I don't really want much negative ease because I'm plump, so this will hopefully be fine. I used size 5 needles for the start, which I did with the Crystal Palace Mikado, and then switched to 4s and the Scheepjes after about six rows.

There are two kinds of booboos that I make on raglans. (I say this with great authority, based on making exactly one raglan ever before.) The first is to increase on only one side of a marker. So far, I haven't done that. The other is to increase next to the back-center marker. Which is not a raglan. And therefore does not merit increases.

Of course, I did this.
Of course, I did it while I was still on the Mikado.
Of course, I didn't notice it until I was about 7 rows into the Scheepjes.

Will I rip? No freakin' way! I dropped the two stitches back until they were one, then knit them back up.

Does it look like ass? Oh yes. It looks like ass.

I am absolutely convinced that I will find some way to work this out in the blocking.


trek said...

Get out some matching yarn and double stitch it - you'll never notice and neither will anyone else.

Earin Marybird said...

Trek is right. Then again, if you're like me I say, oh, it's okay, I'll just (fill in the fix of your choice) and then it just preys on my mind and I go back. But hey, that's me. It's beautiful and No One Will Notice. Knit On!

Christine said...

You are beautiful and not plump!