Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A "lazy" weekend

After spending about 50% of the weekend with family/Rosh Hashanah commitments, I was ready to do some serious lying around. I think I may have done two loads of laundry in there, and an errand, but not much else.

Instead, I watched Deadwood and Green Wing (thanks Roz!) on DVD, ate Scary Mexican food with Carl and Elinor and Rob, and knit a square for Grandmother Purl:

The square is in the new Patons SWS Wool/Soy. The yarn is roughly heavy worsted weight. It hasn't got a strong twist, and it's very hairy, which makes it challenging to knit with — I kept splitting strands. It was okay for stockinette, but I did a textured slip-stitch diamond pattern over part of the square and it doesn't show up well; the hairyness obscures it. I will probably use the rest of this in some kind of future felting project. It's soft, but I didn't enjoy knitting it.

I actually made more progress on Mariner, too, but you still can't tell:Can't really tell you what I did on Sock Wars yet... but Sock Wars were also waged! More news when I'm dead. That is, Sock-wars-dead — not really dead. I don't think I'll be a frequent blogger after real death.


trek said...

Hmm, I've heard of Pennies from Heaven but never Blogging from Heaven.

Elinoire said...

I've seen you type, Valerie, and it's scary fast. I think if you died suddenly (while typing) your fingers might continue a bit after the rest of you stopped.

It's just a theory, you understand. I don't think we should test it or anything. I'm just saying.

jae said...

I just typed a comment and it didnt 'take' I dont think, so if you get tow you'll know what happened. Your wrap looks great! and matches your watering can perfectly. I love the yarn color you chose for this and thanks for the link to crazy aunt purl's grammies blankie.