Thursday, September 07, 2006

Slow but steady

I've been taking my knitting fairly slowly lately, so that my thumb has time to recover (it's improving). So while I've made microscopic gains on the Hedera gusset, it's not worth showing. The lace is moving faster — here's where I am on Fir Cone:

This is about 1/6 done. I'm loving it. I know it's hard to photograph so that you can really see, since it needs to be finished and blocked for full effect, but it's fun, easy and the yarn is heavenly. Plus you can really read your stitches as you go, reducing mistakes immensely (I lifeline anyway! learned my lesson!)


trek said...

Great colors.

Jen said...

Slow and steady's the way to go. The shawl is beautiful.

Hope the thumb feels better soon. I can sympathize - I once dislocated my left thumb in a car accident (and that was the least of my injuries). I couldn't do any sort of crafting. Nothing at all. For several weeks.

Hugs and healing energy to you!

April said...

weren't you the one who said you couldn't do lace? i think perhaps you were fibbing. A LOT.

it's gorgeous and that yarn is to kill for. not you of course, you're too nice. from you i'd just steal it. :)