Friday, September 08, 2006

The beauty of it.

I am floored. It's not even blocked yet and I'm in love. To recap, Wendy's Fir Cone (easy newbie lace) pattern with Melinda's (no-longer-Secret-Pal) handspun. I'm about 1/3 done, and I absolutely don't care what size this ends up. It's breathtaking.

I'm not a person who's terrifically fond of winding yarn, even with my swift and ball winder. This is perhaps mostly because I have dingy hands/wrists and it hurts, but I'm also VERY LAZY. However, when I run out of Ball One of Melinda's yarn, I'll need Ball Two. So I wound it, and while I was at it I also wound the other handspun she sent — the one that is likely to become a little vest for Carson.

I also wound this amazing gift from April:

My first Socks that Rock. April is an April that Rocks, that is for sure! Y'all know how I love green, too.

Ahh, cake.

Through it all I was watched by my fuzzy chocolate darling Laila, who's been rolling in the dirt and is very very dusty.


.: tani :. said...

gorgeous! maybe i'll have to give lace a try sooner than later...

Cheryl said...

Your wendy's fir cone is GORGEOUS..just love the colors. The kitty is pretty too... dirty or not!!

Earin Marybird said...

Cats and cake. What a lovely combo. Laila is very dusty and very beautiful. Does she get a lot of stickers? I do a lot of combing with my group. Your knitting, as always, rocks. Oh but I've been swearing off learning lace and spinning (though I did spin many, many years ago in a galaxy far away). I have too many other things going on...but it's so beautiful! Watch out, you could become A Certified Bad Influence!

The Yarn Harlot was wonderful. I'll be blogging today about it. So many knitters! So much yarn!