Saturday, September 23, 2006

All ready for some blockin' madness!

Le fir cone, prior to blocking:

There are a couple ends woven in and a couple to go. I bound off in yarnover bind-off (found in The Knitting Answer Book by Margaret Radcliffe), which I've never used before and which made me nervous, but it actually looks about the same at the cast-on end as the cast-off end (I cast on using larger needles and Twisted German cast-on). So that's good. Yarnover bind-off turns out to be basically a crocheted bind-off so I could probably do it faster with a crochet hook, next time.

Dimensions before blocking: 14.5" across the middle, 19" across the ends, 48" long. I have 12 gm of yarn left, which means I could have squeezed in one more pattern repeat, but I didn't really want more — I made the 21.5 the pattern called for and I think that's long enough. It wouldn't, however, have been enough to make the borders as wide as the pattern originally specified. All in all I am pleased, and will keep the spare yarn for repairs of the inevitable snags.

Melinda's handspun rocks! I know I've said that several times now.

Stay tuned for the blocking tomorrow. I've got to run. Sock Wars, dontcha know!

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trek said...

Looks very nice - perhaps I should try something like that as my next lace project - might keep me from having another molehill...except I think a shawl should be a triangle...oh dear...I'll shut up, really I will...I'm going to stop here...please, someone help me child to sleep later on weekends...zzzz....