Monday, August 21, 2006

Secret Yarnination Update, etc.

So today was the original due date of the Secret Yarnination for Sundara.

Is it finished? No. But that's chiefly because I took a lot of time off to try to let my arthritis calm down. Could it have been finished? Yes. But just barely.

I estimate I have about 6 hours of knitting left, or less. (Sorry, can't show you pictures yet.) Then, of course, must block and seam. Done by end of this coming weekend for certain.

It's good to know what my limits are. In future, I'll know that 4 weeks is going to be pretty tough for me for a full sweater; that 5 would probably be fine.

I forgot to talk about another craft I worked on this weekend, making soap. Actually I was double-milling some soap that I had already made and grated. I haven't worked with soap in a while and I'm afraid my casting technique has slipped.

These will be trimmed, of course, the edge bits are normal, but you can see the soap didn't perfectly fill the molds and the seashell detail is soft. Ah well. Practice, girl. Practice.

You can also see that I lost my ability to measure color. The purple is probably only appealing to children. There's a LOT more of it. There's also a lot of a similar shade of pink that I made a while back. I'm going to grate it all up, rebatch it, and marble it in with some plain white. But I have to wait until this cures!


Earin Marybird said...

Soap making - nice. I only use my own soap. I've a batch of Castile curing in my sunroom. It will take six weeks and is still too soft to turn out of the molds. I made it as a birthday gift. I've been so lazy that instead of making new soap I've been working my way though all the trial bars I made some years back. I've never tried double milling. Do you like the end result so much more that the extra effort is worth it?

trek said...

Scout would like it!
And it doesn't really matter if the molds didn't perfectly fill: it is still handmade soap and that's what counts. (Besides, as soon as you use it one or twice, the detail is gone anyhow!)