Thursday, August 24, 2006

Needles DOWN!

I have actually finished the knitting part of my Secret Yarnination! What's left: some preparation and a few ends to weave in — not many, because I'm a weave-as-you-go kinda gal. Washing and blocking. Two seams and two crocheted chains. The crochet almost doesn't count to me.

I still stink at binding off. The right side of the front is bound off a little too tightly, so (compensatorily) is bound off way too loose. I left long tails so I can fiddle with it later if I have to.

What makes me NUTS is that I can't show it to you! I don't think the pattern releases until late September.

Obviously I'll have to do some other knitting so I have something to show you. And I shall. But I shall also make Mission fig jam (thank you Crys & Ronise!) and Satsuma plum jam (thank you Ditty!) Someday I will darn it have my own fruit trees, but in the meantime I'm very grateful for their generosity.


Laura B said...

Can't wait to see how it turned out. Sundara's yarn is so beautiful... I'm sure the sweater is too!

trek said...

Can't wait to see the surprise.
We'll be waiting with bated breath!