Friday, August 25, 2006

Oh, wow. Oh, wow. And yet again wow!

My mailbox was bursting last night!

There was a pair of slacks from L.L. Bean, which I am trying out on my friend Colleen's suggestion. (Like the Lands' End slacks, they fit, but aren't terribly flattering. However, I desperately need work slacks so I'm going to keep them for now...) But that wasn't the exciting part.

First of all.. I got my final package from my SP8 pal, Melinda! (Who has now revealed herself to me.) Melinda blew me away with her generosity. Check this out — it would have been enough for the whole swap, but this is what I got in my final package...

Handspun. More of the delicious manycolored bluey/greeny fingerweight she'd previously sent, so I really do have enough for a wrap, now. And check out this lovely pink/yellow/green cheerful stuff on the right! It's just enough to make a little vest for Carson, and I am very tempted to do just that. Wouldn't her strawberry-blonde hair look just *great* against these colors?

From her vacation in England, a nifty felting kit. I've been wanting to try felting and been a bit unsure about how to jump in, so this is perfect. And the wool is both rare and wondrous.

And tea — I love tea (to a fault), as any of you who have seen my tea cabinets knows. This is pamplemousse bleu (blue grapefruit!), and it is delicious, as, thanks to the tea strainer, I can attest. Plus darling, irresistible sheepy magnets.

Sheepy sheep sheep!
They have little toes!

So I had to sit down for a while before I opened the next package.

This one is Sundara's latest Petals Club selection, and it was marvellously packaged as always, with coordinating tissue paper and cool pattern envelope etc. And the yarn and pattern are lovely:

Last but definitely not least, new sock bags and dpn case from trek!

You really should swap with her. These darn cute bags are also darned useful.


trek said...

Ever tried Lee Rider slacks or St John's Bay by JC Penney. Relaxed, flattering, comfortable.

Ashley said...

Those are some awesome handspun yarns... maybe I should stalk her too... Maybe by stalking I'll become a better spinner. lol.