Saturday, August 12, 2006

What did I knit while I was gone?

Well, the truth is that most of the work I did while I was gone was Secret Yarnination. I'll tell you more about that soon, but in the meantime, here's what I did during the days when the Secret Yarn Project Pattern had been accidentally locked into a car in Los Angeles and when we, and the keys, were on a train, the airport, a plane (the train trip did not succeed), and then in Renton, WA:

First, I just had to do one of Dave's Garterlac Dishcloths. There had been that big sale at Michael's on cotton yarn... I've been itching to learn entrelac, and this was a fun introduction. It's rather seductive to knit, though the results in this case are a little prosaic, of course!

I left it with Felice and Chris as a house contribution. They assure me it will get used.

I started a Mason-Dixon Ball Band Dishcloth, but got very little done before getting distracted, so no picture.

Then I started Hedera, with some of the pattern-specified yarn purchased directly from Cookie in her destashing effort! I am LOVING this pattern. I might use it for one of the brown sock yarns, too.

This picture sucketh, but trust me that the yarn is lovely and soft, and the pattern is totally fun to knit, and the lace looks really pretty when you spread it out. Yay. Cookie is a Sock Queen.

And more on my Secret Yarnination... soon. Meanwhile — gotta knit! I'm on a deadline. Yipes.


Dave said...

Very nice dishcloth -- I love those deep, rich colours!

April said...

awesome job on the dishcloth! i love the one i made and if i could only stop knitting socks i'd make a bunch more.

thanks for the postcard, by the way! it's beautiful and i'm so glad you had a good time in Vancouver.

trek said...

HAH! Isn't Dave an enabler or what? Thanks for visiting the blog - good luck with the test knitting!