Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sure. I can hold off. I'm JUST WINDING...

I rationalized that hey, winding isn't knitting, so it's not cheating to wind some yarn. Plus, it uses different muscles than knitting. Plus I really wanted to look at that Ms.-Pal-handspun again.

And behold the glory. There are so many colors in here, it makes me dizzy, and yet the overall effect is harmonious and peaceful. A contradiction in terms.

I just don't know if I want this to be socks or maybe Sandi Wiseheart's "Summer Shawlette" design (one of the Staff Projects in Interweave Knits, I forget which issue). Sandi's a friend of mine, plus her designs always rock, so I'm tempted. This yarn is thinner than that called for, so it would come out a bit different than shown. But I think it would look lovely in Little Arrowhead lace. It's more sockweight, though. But. Hmm. Hmm.

While I had the equipment out, I thought I'd wind a couple other hanks of yarn. First, the Schaefer Anne that was a(nother!) gift from Ms. Pal (do my Secret Pals rock the Casbah, or what?). I learned why it is a Bad Idea to leave hanks of yarn loose in your overcrowded sock yarn box. When it looks like this on the swift, you just know it's going to be a bitch and a half to wind, constantly catching on things and yelling and throwing dishes around the room and stuff.

But when she was all wound up, Anne was lovely...

Just my colors. Ahhh. The socks made with these are going to be all mine.

Finally, having learned the lesson on the Schaefer Anne, I decided to wind up the Cabin Cove Mercantile Merino-with-Tencel sock yarn I just got (argh, thanks to April, who is bad, and shows me things I shouldn't buy).

This yarn is grey in the sense that fine silver is grey.
It just glows.


Ashley said...

It is very pretty yarn... I would wind it too...

Just thought I'd stop in and say thanks for all the great SP8 stuff... I'll be stalking you forever now. :-D

trek said...

Rationalize, rationalize!

Ms. pal said...

Oooh, the tencel yarn is pretty. I lurve shiny things.

I've been resisting winding to try and keep myself from starting new things. That's not going very well for me.

Package goes in the mail tomorrow - I'll send an email to confirm.