Friday, May 05, 2006

er... stash enhancement.

Did you hear me? Maybe I should talk louder. I said ** STASH ENHANCEMENT!!! **

Wait... maybe not.

Maybe what I said was: ** BANK ACCOUNT SHRINKAGE!!!! **

Do not
, I repeat, do not go to BB's Knits in Santa Barbara.
They have a sale wall.

That's lots of olive and multi-olive yarn for a cardigan (!!! 100% merino for like $3.80/ball!!!), some amazing hot rainbow bamboo (!! yes 100% bamboo) yarn to trim a black T (I don't have the black yet), purple speckled yarn and maroon heather yarn for for Children in Common socks, some rainbowy novelty yarn (! I know, I was shocked too, but it's pretty smooth for novelty yarn) to trim somethin' or other, some beautiful blue-multi handspun-style yarn that I might try to make into a hood, and a ball of light green which I didn't mean to buy (seriously) and must have fallen into my bag :-( It's ugly. I will figure out something to do with it. At least it was only $4.50. {sigh}.

Oh, man. Sale walls. Bad bad bad.

I also got Stephanie's new book, which I started reading the minute I got home. It was all I could do not to stay up all night and finish it. It is hilarious. But probably only to knitters...

(Sigh. Now I need to read her other books! More bank account shrinkage.)

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