Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Last night was fun!

Last night I got together with Colleen and Christine to do a little knitting and crochet! We had fun, even though I was getting over food poisoning (NOT the Greek food! Some too-old mussels). I didn't take any pictures, but I measured the Sixth Sense socks against Colleen's feet and made them longer, and I'm about to start the toes. I'm so glad her feet are narrow enough for them! And that she likes them! Yay, the socks will have a home.

Then I looked at that lovely cake of Sundara worsted merino, and just had to cast on for Sixth Sense CIC (Children in Common) socks.

I think these are going to be gorgeous — in a couple of days I'll probably have an "after" shot for ya.

Oh yeah, people keep asking me about this. It's Tunisian crochet in honeycomb stitch, with cotton yarn, and it makes a dandy facecloth. Great for exfoliating. I've made a few, but I keep needing more.


Jen said...

The incredible coincidence of our washcloth yarns made me realize I hadn't checked out your blog yet - so we can't even claim I was subconsciously influenced by seeing the picture of yours!

I have repaired the oversight, though, and am not subscribed at Bloglines. I like what I see so far.

Oh, yeah - I wouldn't knit anything complicated during Doctor Who, either! You have to keep your eyes on the screen to catch what's going on!

Jen said...

Sheesh. That should read, "am now subscribed through Bloglines," of course!

Kim Guzman said...

I absolutely *love* that honeycomb pattern. I know that there are several different ways to do the honeycomb. Can you tell me which two stitches you're using for that one. It really looks better than any honeycomb I've done.