Sunday, May 21, 2006

Marvelous soap, yummy veggies, and itchy fingers

I bought some soaps from Alchemic Dragon for my Secret Pal-ee and for my friend Kat, and they arrived on Friday. Wow. They smell good. My favorite scent so far is the Dragon's Blood (it smells similar to the resin incense with that name). Should have ordered myself some! Not that I have a shortage of soap, but you know me and soap. Addict!!

I slacked off on my weekly hike and we went to the Farmer's Market this morning with Carl & Elinor and Jopsy. I got all kinds of irresistible vegetables and fruit. We had some strawberries at lunch, and for dinner I'm doing roasted vegetables in the oven (yes, I do sometimes cook, but admittedly not often). Veggies I'm roasting include baby purple potatoes, baby beets, baby patty-pan squash in yellow and green (these are the ones that look like flying saucers), and some chunks of what turned out to be radish. I was hoping they were turnips, but I find it hard to tell the difference before cutting between giant radishes and small turnips. I think they will be edible cooked — after all you can cook daikon — but we'll find out soon enough. I threw in a couple of cans of garbanzo beans and tossed it all in olive oil, ground coriander, white pepper and Murray River salt. I normally use rosemary but oops! was all out, so we'll see how this tastes. I'll throw in some veggie sausages towards the end (it has to cook, covered at 475, about an hour normally). We're pretty much vegetarian at home (occasionally I buy lox for bagels).

I've been knitting away at the baby cardigan and the CIC socks (last pair), but neither one is pleasing me much. The cardigan is acrylic and the fiber kind of bores me, and doesn't smell good like natural fibers. The socks.. well, I ran out of Sundara yarn is really what happened. As I only recently discovered there was more to life than acrylic yarn, I don't have much of a wool (CIC socks must be wool) yarn stash yet except sock yarn, so I had to resort first to scraps, then to some Patons Classic Wool (that I had planned to use for felting) to finish them. They have a number of different colors and kinds of wool. So they are pretty scrappy-looking. I hope some child thinks they are cute, rather than horrific.

...And so I had itchy fingers. I need to cast on for Rob's socks, as I promised him they'd be the next pair of socks, but that takes some thought and quiet, so instead I cast on for the Rib and Cable Mitts from Interweave Knits. I'll show you tomorrow! They are fun so far, and should be a fast knit; I calculate the pair of fingerless mitts will take about as long as one adult sock.

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