Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ooh! I have a secret pal!

And she reads my blog posts and everything. Woo!

Plus, I am a secret pal. I'm all stoked about this and shopping crazedly. Just another excuse to shop, I guess.

Ms. Secret Pal — thanks for being my Pal!!! Yep, I do know about those hyperbolic planes. Don't know quite what I'd do with one if I made it, however. And I have NO idea what to do with the alpaca. I don't make lace yet, and I'm a little unsure if the alpaca will work for this or not. It's fairly stiff (I think it's probably mainly used in weaving?), but maybe it would be softer as lace, or after washing. I was thinking of using the gold as a carry-along with some laceweight wool in forest green that I already have, and making socks (I think the two together would be close to sockweight). But I would not likely wear them, as I don't really wear warm colors like this gold, so it would be better to make something ornamental, or for someone else. I welcome ideas!!!

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Ms. Pal said...

If I were a lucky woman with yellow lacy yarn, I'd knit a little swatch of it and wash it. It's possible that the alpaca was treated with something to make it easier to spin and wind - it might be a lot softer after washing.

I'm personally of the school of thought that there are no bad colors for socks. I mean, they're socks. They're on your feet. Who cares what color they are, as long as they make you happy? But I'll keep an eye peeled for appropriate lace weight projects.