Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Not perfect, but...

...definitely better! This actually looks vaguely like a Kitchenered toe is meant to. Why, some of the stitches even look like stitches!

What's this? Take a guess, g'wan!

Okay, right. It's a furniture leg.

But it is also my new, improvised, $2.49 darning egg ;-) And it works like a .. thing that works good!

Redid the first toe (featured below), and finished the second sock. Woohoo!

Two pairs of socks (so far) for Children in Common!

Of course I cast on for a third pair, this time in some maroon-with-green-speckles Jo Sharp wool/silk/cashmere that I bought off the infamous sale shelf at BB's. There's not enough for a full pair, so I'll do the toes and heels in that accidental ball of Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Chunky (how is that NOT a contradiction in terms? I ask you!) in the weird shade of green. It actually matches the speckles in the Jo Sharp. cooooool.

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