Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I've been very stressed out this past week (mostly work-related), and unfortunately for my pocketbook, I am one of those people who de-stresses by buying lots of junk they don't need! However, this time it's Secret Pal 8 time, and so yesterday I went and bought goodies at the UCSD bookstore for my Secret Pal-ee. This is actually stuff for her third package — I mailed her second one this morning. I'd tell you what I got, but she could be doing searches on the blogs to see if she can figure me out. I suspect she's the Sherlock type.

Then today I had to kill 15 minutes between appointments and was, conveniently, next to the LYS. I'm not terribly fond of this store — it's small, it has a lot of acrylic blends (and they do things like post felting patterns right next to the acrylic blends — wow, useful) and novelty yarns and very little 'real' yarn. But they have a good backstock of old knitting magazines, so I picked up a few (I like reading patterns in the bathtub when I'm too tired even for my 1950s hard-boiled detective novels. Lately that's too often!). I also got some sock yarn for my Secret Pal-ee, and one tiny ball of sale wool for me.

Capped it off by buying a bit more wool from a fellow blogger who's destashing. It's kind of a greyish green sport weight, and she doesn't like that color. I happen to love that color (and I love DK/sport)! I love grey, black and white and I love green, and these "greenish neutrals" are favorites of mine. I'm not sure if I want to make a vest out of it, add another color and make a short-sleeved mock turtleneck (I live in this style of shirt), or just make legwarmers out of it. I know, I know, you're thinking "child of the '80s". But the truth is I get night-time charlie horses from time to time, and I can always tell when I'm going to, and on those nights, I wear legwarmers to bed and it stops 'em. And the only legwarmers I own are some shabby grey acrylic ones from the 1980s. Really. So I could use at least one more pair (probably several, but I'm trying really hard not to spend ALL my money right now).

I'm going to make some of these fingerless mitts for Aime. She requested black, and I'm thinking of trimming them with that hot rainbow bamboo I bought in Santa Barbara.. that should look truly awesome.

I love my fingerless mitt and I can't take it off. I guess I better make the next one, and take some pictures for y'all.

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