Friday, May 26, 2006

The OTHER Secret Pal swap

Okay.. so. This is for my OTHER Secret Pal, not SP8. It's all very confusing, but I signed up for two because I really like buying people stuff, and I'm a shopaholic at the moment. I hope that is okay!!

To fill this form out, I answered one question with "About six months" and then, to keep the font right, I pasted that answer in to all the questions. I was really tempted to leave them that way. "What is the one thing in your knitting bag that you can't live without? About 6 months. My current color obsession is: About 6 months."

But I didn't.

1. My favorite yarn to knit with is:
Sundara DK and sock yarn, Regia Silk, Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino . I particularly like DK weight yarns.

2. I really do not enjoy knitting with:
Elephants. They don't bend well around the needles.
Snarky remarks.
Eyelash yarn and much bulky yarn (except cool handspun).
Bamboo needles.
Large needles.

3. If I had a choice, I would banish this yarn from my LYS:
Oh, nothing — I do believe it takes all kinds. But I don't really need to spend much time in the novelty yarn section unless I'm trolling for trim.

4. If I could knit only one more project for the rest of my life, it would be:
A mind-bogglingly intricate Aran sweater. With tons of great cables and kooky elaborate stitches.

For the elephant. Cuz, ya know, I'm hoping to live a long time.

5. My favorite flower is:

Not really. I just felt like saying watermelon for some reason.

Gardenia, tuberose, jasmine and tea rose are all right up there.

6. My current color obsession is:
Green. Also black.

7. My other interests are:
Knitting hippopotami.
Seriously? Ethnobotany. Pharmacology. Music (I sing, play piano, write songs). Writing (I most write crime stories and some poetry). Editing Grasslimb, my literary magazine. Throwing parties! Having house guests. Crochet. Making jewelry. Glasswork. Reading (esp. noir detective novels). Weightlifting. Eating (sadly, more than weightlifting).

8. Something I wish I knew more about is:
Knitting sweaters, esp. gansey.

9. A knitting technique I want to learn is:
Entrelac. Also lace.

10. My favorite needles to knit with are:
My Inoxes — US #0, 1 and 2 DPNs and US #5 and 6 circs.

11. Do you knit socks?
Almost incessantly.

12. Please provide your foot measurements:
  • length (longest toe to heel): ~10". (shoe size 9)
  • instep circumference: ~9" (that is, it's a 9C).
  • ankle circumference: ~9" just above anklebone.
I like quarter- to mid-calf socks, if it matters

13. What was your favorite childhood movie?
I don't remember; we didn't go to many. I do remember screaming in terror at 101 Dalmations.

14. What is one thing in your knitting bag that you can't live without?
A metal ruler. I'm constantly checking gauge.

15. What is lacking in your notions bag that you really, really want? (Cable needle, Kacha Kacha, Chibi, etc.)
Hmm... a more cool row counter than the little barrel ones. Ideally one that I could hang from my (circular) needles, more easily and gracefully than putting yarn through my barrel ones.

16. What is currently on the needles at your house?
A tunic, fingerless mitt, scarf and bathmat — see WIPs on the sidebar.

17. If you could do nothing but knit all day, every day, for the next month (and get paid for it!), what would you knit?
Either socks, or a complex Aran or gansey sweater.

18. Least favorite color(s):
Orange. But, you'd be surprised; sometimes I do like it. Not for me to wear, though.

19. Favorite genre of music? Or any way you want to answer that question...basically it's the what kind of music do you like question.
I suppose "alternative". I like post-punk, electronica, world music and folk quite a bit.

20. Favorite candy or sweet: Hmm. Gummi grapefruit, maybe.

21. What is the most challenging thing you have ever knit?
So far, just socks, and they were pretty easy. I haven't done that much yet though!

22. How long have you been knitting? About 6 months.


colleen said...

Have you considered using elephants as knitting needles? They have those nice long trunks...

Elinoire said...

I think you'd be better off with hummingbirds, though you could only knit very small things and your projects would probably get sticky from the nectar on the beaks. Hm. Okay, if that doesn't work, how about baby snakes? Or, better yet, frozen baby snakes!