Friday, May 05, 2006


I was in Santa Barbara for a CENIC HPR-TAC meeting. Trust me, you don't want to click on that link if you are a knitter, because it will bore you senseless. In my other life (ya know, between knitting and singing and other important things like that) I am a computer network services manager type person.

But while I was in SB, I got to see Rosminah, which was cool because it's been a while! I was recovering from food poisoning and she was coming off a cleansing fast (note: Rosminah, you are a nutcake. Give up FOOD? For TEN DAYS?), so we went out for Japanese soba noodle soup (for me) and miso and California rolls (for her). Quite nice.

Also I finished knitting the socks for Children in Common:

Before blocking

Crappy job on Kitchener stitch -- I still can't do it -- had to end up darning it shut later

Blocking. Ah, beautiful Sundara yarn!

The lighting sucks on that last shot, as it was nighttime in the bathroom so I had to use flash, but man, check out that lovely "somewhat solid" yarn. It makes me all happy.

Of course, I cast on for the purple CIC socks right away. Can't leave the needles bare and all that.

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