Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I am an addict!!

Just signed up for Sundara's new "Petals" sock-o'-the-month club. Well, it's every two months, but still.. you get two skeins of sock yarn every two months, enough to make a pair of socks, plus a pattern designed to make the most of the yarn. It's not cheap; this is not a way to save money on sock yarn -- rather, you get exclusive color combos that won't be generally available, and you get the patterns, and you get to feel all exclusive. Much more importantly, you get more excuses to make socks with that lovely Sundara yarn.

In other sock knitting news, I'm about 2/3 way through the first sock of my third pair for Children in Common. I'd be further along but I've got shooting pains all over my hands. Given that I now know I have both carpal tunnel and nerve damage from the car accident a few years back, I am knitting for shorter spurts and taking long breaks. Knitting at all is good for these conditions; knitting too much makes them worse. I'm trying to be good!

No pictures today, sorry.

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