Monday, May 22, 2006

Lots of blithering!

So, as I mentioned, I cast on last night for these lovely rib-and-cable mitts from the Spring 2006 Interweave Knits:

I was inspired by falling in love with Sundara Yarn in Galaxy Sport. I bought 100g with no idea in mind, then saw this pattern, which called for a DK weight. Perfect! But I needed just the perfect contrasting color. My mind's eye told me a pale candlelight yellow would be ideal, but I had to find it. Finally dug it up — Rowan Classic Cashsoft Baby DK.

I knit the right cuff last night while watching A Clear and Present Danger on DVD. Here's the front (palm) side of the cuff:

Here's the back, so you can see the cable, and how the yarn color is varied, from white through turquoise to purply-indigo:

And here, a slightly blurry picture of it on:

I also finished the next-to-last CIC sock, with the exception of Kitchenering and weaving in ends. I hate it:

I hope some kid thinks it's nice that it has all these colors. It makes me kind of sad, though.

Here's a Saturday picture of the baby cardigan. It's a bit further along now (~2" longer). Unfortunately I found out my friend is visiting San Diego not next weekend, but right now. Oops. So she'll definitely be coming over before I finish it. I'll just have to mail it to her. That's okay. Though I'm not enjoying working with the yarn, it's knitting up very soft and pretty.

Gotta pick out some good buttons!

I got some Sundara sock yarn in the mail on Saturday. I have two skeins each of Grasshopper, "Somewhat Solid" Greens, and Mixed Berry. The Mixed Berry (a mix of cranberry, raspberry, blues and purples) is either going to be a gift for my Secret Pal-ee, or a pair of socks for her. I need to think about it.


Anonymous said...

I'd pay you to make me a pair of those cable mitts! So cute and perfect for cold hands when you need to type!


Ms. Pal said...

Pretty! I love the blue and yellow together. The baby sweater is also looking good (even though you hate the yarn).